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{Giveaway} Favor Tags & Party Banners

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
I recently designed favor tags and a birthday banner for Jenn’s daughter at Sugar Pop Ribbons.  The party was princess themed and was designed around cupcake wrappers she had from Wilton.  She is currently hosting a giveaway which includes favor tags and a party banner designed by me!  
The final products:
The contest ends on March 30th and you can visit her blog here for details about the party, the party supplies and how to enter the contest.
The princess collection will be in my Etsy shop soon!

{Real Parties} Vintage Circus

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
My sincerest apologies for the radio silence the past few weeks.  After my daughter got sick, I did as well and it really wore me down.  On top of that, I’m working on the new website that is scheduled to be launched on April 9 or so!  I’m super excited about it and all the new products I will have for you!  
Enough of that – onto the party!
I came across this party and thought it was a brilliant idea – a vintage circus party to celebrate a child’s baptism as well as his 1st birthday and his mom’s 30th birthday!  This party was originally hosted by Kate at  I Love Parties.  Kate did a fabulous job using vintage tin toys as decoration and creating a ‘big top’ tent using fabric at her food table.  Without further adieu, on with the show!

In May this year, my son and I had a combined Christening and 1st Birthday (him) and 30th Birthday (me…obviously). He and I share a Birthday which means double the party fun for the next couple of years (while I can still get away with it).
The theme was vintage circus – the perfect theme to cover all age groups.
The room was decorated with colourful banners, vintage circus posters and a “homemade” big top (long strips of calico and lots of red paint!).
The tables were decorated with red and white striped table runners, tin toys, circus megaphones and bunches of red, yellow, blue, green and white balloons.
Brown kraft paper favour bags were decorated with variety of ribbons and filled with old fashioned lollies (including large jaffas, sherbet bombs, bananas, bullseyes, conversation hearts and lollipops) and some red “Admit One” tickets.
We set up a fairy floss, peanut and popcorn stand for people to help themselves. The peanut and popcorn bags were from etsy.
We had the meal catered, and it was a lovely BBQ with fresh salads and bread. I printed signs for the “Big Top Bar” and “Big Top Buffet”. The kids ate fairy bread, cheese sandwiches and cupcakes with clown toppers and drank ice cream sodas.
I found a beautiful vintage clown doll on eBay that I propped up on the cake table.


{Real Parties} Ella’s Tea Party

Friday, March 12th, 2010
This party was originally hosted by Cindy at Cindy Scorsone’s Family Blog.  I am in love with this party!  The toile ribbon and soft pink everywhere – oh my!  Cindy made much of the decor herself, including the banner, tissue poms, and the hanging centerpiece in the dining room – WOW!  A beautiful party for a beautiful little girl.  Cindy had her friend, Lacey of A Cherry on Top Photography there to document the festivities.  Enjoy the party, leave a comment and then visit their blogs, too!


Tea Time!
I have a sweet baby girl and today we had her first tea party for her first birthday. I have been thinking about her first birthday party since I found out I was having a girl. It turned out just like I dreamed! I loved how everything went together so perfect. I don’t really think I had a favorite thing about the party. I loved every bit of it! I look forward to having many tea parties with my little girl!

Thank you Lacey for taking these beautiful pictures of the party. It was so nice to be able to host without worrying about pictures. You did an amazing job!

Thank you Shannon for all your hard work getting ready for the party. I really would not of been able to do it without you!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ella. My Uncle took it when she was 5 months old.
I love this picture of Ella! My sweet girl in her sweet satin dress.

Playgroup girls are really growing up!

Madison’s hat was perfect for the tea party. I love that hat!

I think this is one of Ella’s favorite gifts! She loves playing with it!

This babydoll is so cool! It sucks when you give it a bottle and blinks its eyes when it giggles. We named her baby Kate.
She loved every bite!

{Real Parties} Safari Adventure

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
This party was originally hosted by Enchanted Expectations.
Her invitations provide a wonderful ‘hint’ to what will be in store at the party.  The cake is simply gorgeous, the animal costumes are super fun, and their safari adventure is wonderful!  My kids would have loved this party!  
Enjoy the party, post a comment, and then head over to Enchanted Expectations.
Safari Adventure

“The Invitation” that I made with the help of Microsoft Word
Safari Birthday Boy
Kids Parties are my passion. I recently completed another fabulous party for my son’s 3rd Birthday(seen above). When the kids first arrived they were STOPPED at the “Passport Check In” station where they received pre-made passports and a Serengeti Agenda.
The kids then moved to the dress up station where they “Became a Jungle Animal”. The kids received costumes and then got their face painted into an animal. Even the adults got involved. They loved that they were able to keep the costumes.

After the kids were dressed, they visited the “Serengeti National Park”and took pictures with the Lion and Elephant
Next the kids went to “See the Monkey’s”. Here they created Monkey visors and Monkey finger puppets.

Then the kids and parents “Enjoyed an African Feast” at the jungle table. The Feast included;
Safari Sandwiches – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Jungle Sandwiches – turkey and cheese on wheat bread
Animal Spotted Pizza-pepperoni pizza/cheese available for all you non-spotted lovers.
Snake Eggs- seedless grapes
Croc Teeth: apple slices
Dried Ants – plain raisins
Beetle Wings-potato chips Creepy Crawly Bugs – gummy worms
Jungle Juice-fruit juice
The kids then participated in the “Reptilian Hunt”
I put all kinds of interesting reptiles, from crocodiles to snakes all around the room and the kids went for a hunt to find as many as possible to fill up goody bags.
After the Reptile Hunt, the kids enjoyed “Safari Cake” made by Cakes Plus in Laurel, Maryland
For the Take home gift. I gave out “Safari Backpacks” filled with anything I could find that had animals on it.
Check out more pictures of Bailey’s Safari Adventure on Flickr.

{Real Parties} Preppy Pinwheel Party

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
This Pinwheel Party was originally hosted by Sharnel at My Life – My Loves.  I absolutely love the navy and green color scheme paired with a simple yet fun summer play activity – pinwheels.  Sharnel did a fabulous job with the decor and candy buffet.  Thank you for sharing the party with us!  Enjoy everyone, post a comment, and then hop over and visit hers, too!

William’s 4th Birthday

What a wonderful afternoon/evening we had. Lots of greats friends, food and fun. Kids swimming, running and jumping ….. and not an argument in sight! 27 kids – that’s saying something.
Here are some photos of his dessert/candy buffet.
William's Dessert and Candy buffet
Party theme and progress
candy jars
caramel popcorn
treat bags
Banner, invitations and thank you tags made by Imprintables.
I followed this tutorial for the pinwheels at SMP.
Cake, cupcakes and cookies by The Cupcake Company. Yes that’s me!
The coloured MM’s I had shipped from the States. Thanks Glory!
All other signage handmade by me.
Treat boxes from Imprintables. Tiered stand for treat boxes is a plant stand that I bought and painted.
Popcorn cone holders tutorial here. I made the base from polystyrene and wrapped in gift wrap.
Crates found at Bunnings.
Please feel free to ask any further questions in the comments section and I’ll reply.
Thanks and hope you enjoyed William’s 4th Birthday.

{Real Parties} Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Birthday

Monday, March 8th, 2010
Hi everyone!  I’m back – not 100% but a lot better.  I ended up in the ER Saturday night with my high fever and a rash on my face as a result of the fever.  After IV’s, blood tests, chest x-rays, and being given a muscle relaxer (why? you ask.  I’m so glad!  Apparently, everyone is in pain at the ER, so they just gave me some pain killers.  No idea – I wasn’t in pain and the muscle relaxers made my arms and legs feel like jello.), I was informed I had a a fever and rash.  NO joke!  That was my diagnosis!  On another page, it stated virus.  Needless to say, I felt oh so relieved that I spent 3 1/2 hours of my life there on Saturday.  HAHA!
Okay, okay – enough about me – back to the party!
Tamara at The McDonald World hosted a Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch party for her daughter’s 2nd birthday.  She did a fantastic job with the decor and activites for the children.  My favorites are the Tree centerpiece and mini paper lantern bug friends.  She utilized free print outs from Nick Jr. for some of the activites and decor (I like free!)  Great job Tamara and thank you for sharing the party with us!  Don’t forget to visit her blog, too!


Miss Spider Sunny Patch Party

For Lauren’s 2nd birthday, I decided to go with a Miss Spider theme…little did I know (after I had my heart set on this idea) that it would be near impossible to find anything Miss Spider out there. This is such a cute show and so perfect for this age, that I feel like they are really missing the boat by not marketing it anymore. If it were not for the Nick Jr. printables and some creative work on my part and the bakery’s part, this party would not have been very successful. At least decor wise! Lauren had over about 3 of her friends and they all have siblings that are Sarah’s age so it made for a nice sized party. Her are the photos and the specifics!

Theme: Miss Spider Sunny Patch
Food: Palio’s Pizza & Salad
Drinks for kids: Apple juice, lemonade, milk
Cake: The Cakery (Southlake) The bottom part was white cake with white butter cream and the Miss Spider was chocolate cake with white butter cream! Heavenly!
Colors: Played off of the lime green and yellow colors mostly, but it was a very colorful party
Decor: I made my own buggy friends out of small colored paper lanterns, craft poms poms, pipe cleaners and felt. I found one place online that had one package of Miss Spider “blow-outs” and they had the cute bug antenna “party hats”. My husband made the Hollow Tree tree trunk out of construction paper. The rest was really balloons and crepe paper
Flowers: Yellow tulips and multi-colored gerber daisies
Games: Bean bag toss, bowling, parachute, Velcro ball & catch game and lots of printables to color and play with from Nick Jr. I also had a Miss Spider video playing to keep them entertained while at the party table.

The Invite

The “party room”

The place settings

The wonderful cake

Her cute cupcakes left over from what she took to “school”

Drink boxes to match decor

The goodie bags: I could not find 10 of the same Miss Spider book at any bookstore, so I did a mixture of books to accommodate the different ages and genders. Also add some little slinky’s and glow in the dark bracelets in lime green. The girls got a sunflower in their bag!

My homemade bugs and colored lanterns

Buggy facts I printed off of Nick Jr.

The printables to color and a “I promise to be good to bugs” certificate

All sitting down for pizza!

Me with my sweets!

It is n

{Apologies} I’ve been a bore!

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

My apologies that this week has been just outright dull here.  First my daughter gets sick, then my son – both of which are doing 1000x better!  Now I’m battleing a 103 – 104 degree fever.  I’m going to take the rest of the week off, and be back Monday with a fabulous party to share with you!

{Belleza e Luce} Changes are Coming!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
I’m bursting with wonderful news!  So many great things and changes are coming to Belleza e Luce! 
In early April we will be launching a new website, new products especially for weddings, a new look to the blog, and a new logo!  Whew!

On top of all this, I have more children’s lines that are near completion!

Of course, I absolutely adore custom work so feel free to contact me about your special event!

{Blog Award}

Monday, March 1st, 2010
I had an awful weekend; my daughter is sick, and when she (or my son) get sick that means nebulizer treatments.  Ugh!  I just hate seeing how it hurts them breathe, and of course, I don’t sleep much worrying about them getting better.  
This morning I found a comment from Amy of Moving on from the Drama telling me that she gave me the Sunshine Award.  It’s my first blog award!  The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blog-world!
Amy has a wonderful blog where she shares her life with her husband and daughter, and she hosts some wonderful giveaways, too!  Thank you Amy!
The rules for this award are as follows:
•Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
•Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
•Link the nominees within your post.
•Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
•Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Here are the bloggers I pass this award onto:

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