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Addressing an Invitation

Friday, February 25th, 2011

We are heading into Wedding Season here at Belleza e Luce and with that comes the many events associated with weddings: bridal showers, bridesmaid luncheons, rehearsal dinners, day-after brunches, and of course the wedding itself.  As you prepare your guest lists for your celebrations, keep in mind the following  invitation envelope etiquette.

Outer Envelope Inner Envelope
Married Couples Mr. and Mrs. David Smith Mr. and Mrs. Smith (or less formal: Michelle and David)
Married Couples, woman kept maiden name Ms. Michelle Taylor and Mr. David Smith Ms. Taylor and Mr. Smith
Unmarried couples living or not living together (mail to the person you know best if the couple does not live together) Ms. (or Miss) Rebecca Jones

Mr. Robert Smith

Ms. (or Miss) Jones

Mr. Smith

Two women or men over age 18 living together, address alphabetically or by the person you know best Mr. Benjamin Adams

Mr. James Roberts

Mr. Adams

Mr. Roberts

Outer Envelope Inner Envelope
Child under 18 Do not include on outer envelope, if you do not have an inner envelope, then add “and family” on the second line of address Mr. and Mrs. Smith


2 or more children – written in order of birth, oldest first

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Leah, Joseph, and Michael

Children over 18

receive their own invitation

Miss Barbara Taylor


Mr. Thomas Smith

Miss Taylor

If allowing the invitee to bring a guest:

Mr. Thomas Smith and Guest

Single Guests
Outer Envelope Inner Envelope
Unmarried Male Mr. David Smith Mr. Smith and Guest
Unmarried Female Ms. or Miss Rebecca Jones Ms. or Miss Jones and Guest
Widowed Female* Mrs. Nicole Taylor Mrs. Taylor and Guest
Divorced Female, *

kept married name

Ms. Jessica Roberts Ms. Roberts and Guest
Divorced Female, *

maiden name

Ms. Amanda Thomas

Ms. Thomas and Guest

Special Titles
Outer Envelope Inner Envelope
Doctor, Male Dr. and Mrs. David Smith Dr. and Mrs. Smith
Clergy Reverend and Mrs. John Taylor Reverend and Mrs. Taylor
Officer, Male

(retired or active)

Commander and Mrs. James Roberts Commander and Mrs. Roberts
Judge The Honorable and Mrs. Thomas James Judge and Mrs. James
Female with any special titles Dr. Emily Taylor and Mr. John Taylor

Dr. Taylor and Mr. Taylor

* It is always considerate to inquire with the female relative or friend how she prefers to be addressed in these circumstances or if you are unsure of her last name status.  In the event that you feel awkward speaking directly to this person, ask someone else who would know the answer; it will be appreciated that you care enough to make sure your guest is addressed appropriately.

Bridal Show

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

This past Saturday, Belleza e Luce had the pleasure of being an exhibitor at the Wedding Set Go bridal show at the Sheraton.  It was my first Bridal Show experience, and I think it went quite well.  I met some wonderful brides-to-be and hope to work with them in the future on their weddings.  I didn’t take my large camera with me, so for now, I only have these photos taken from my camera phone.

Now on facebook …

Monday, February 7th, 2011


Belleza e Luce is now on facebook!  We are working to add photos and more information in the coming day.  Be sure to stop by, say hi, and ‘like’ us!

And for any NJ area brides – be sure to stop by the Wedding, Set Go Bridal Show on Sunday, February 20th at the Sheraton.  Belleza e Luce will be there showcasing our invitations and event planning.  We would love to meet you!