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{Real Parties} Popsicle Party

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Yes, I’m back!  A much too long of an absence, but we have been quite busy at Belleza e Luce.  There are some new things coming up in the next few weeks which I am super excited about!

With summer in full swing, I wanted to share with you a party my children had for a few of their friends.  It was a glorified playdate, really, to celebrate the beginning of summer and the end of the school year.  Unfortunately for us, the weather was not too cooperative so swimming was out of the question.  We ultimately had to move the party indoors due to some heavy rains, but I was able to get some photos before the last minute party relocation.

My daughter requested bright colored invitations with stripes.  With a vintage carnival-like poster in my head, I created a palette of fuschia, aqua, yellow, creamsicle, and lime green.  The colors worked together beautifully!  I enjoyed creating this sophisticated, yet playful invitation and it would be equally fitting for an adult get-together as well!

Their group of friends were first invited to lunch a lunch of turkey and cheese sandwiches, grapes, and carrots sticks, which I served in lime and yellow bags.

In my effort to keep things simple for the party, I purchased 3 bouquets of daisies from the local supermarket and placed them in bowls of colored jello.  Simple andeasy centerpiece, much to the delight of the party guests who thought it was colored water!

Following lunch, they created some beautiful sand art.

The rain stopped long enough for the children to be able to throw water balloons into targets, at trees, and bushes.

I used acrylic frames found at the craft store to hold crushed ice and laid the popsicles on top.  Preparing this ahead of time, saved time later when the kids were extra excited over dessert.

Cibella and Luca gave each of their friends a small beach bucket filled with a large lollipop, pinwheel, bottle of bubbles, and some sidewalk chalk.

A favor sticker simply stated, “Happy  Summer!”

The Popsicle Party invitations and favor stickers are now available in my shop!  Water bottle labels, bubble labels, large stickers, banner, and cupcake toppers will be available soon!