{Real Parties} Rootin’ Tootin’ Birthday Roundup

It seems like forever ago that I was working on Luca’s vintage cowboy birthday.  Perhaps it is because I have already begun working on his next one (yes, it is true!).

As do so many preschool-aged boys, my son loves Toy Story.  He is especially fond of Woody.  When he asked for a cowboy party, I used the fictitious Woody’s Roundup television show and Disney World’s Frontierland as a source of inspiration.

With his birthday at the end of October, the weather here in New Jersey can be unpredictable and sometimes quite cold.  Despite my wishes and hopes to have weather typical of early October – sunny and warm while in the sun with just a hint of a chill to the air – luck was not on my side.  Because there were a number of older guests and some very tiny ones attending, I moved the party inside for their comfort.

We spent nearly a week designing backdrops of old west buildings: a saloon, jail, bank, and hotel.

Mutli-colored bandanas were strung across the the room on twine.

For weeks leading up to the party, I scoured flea markets looking for decor – large barrels, lanterns, jugs, and milk canisters were just a few of my finds!  It was actually quite fun, and I am looking forward to heading back out to scour more treasures for some upcoming parties.

Hay bales with flannel blankets were used as seating for the guests and burlap covered the tables with delicate yellow flowers in cans, lanterns, and jugs creating the tablescape.

Every child found a cowboy hat, bandana, and sheriff’s badge at their seat upon arrival.  They also received a stick horse which they used in the “Camptown Race” and also to chase the bandit (my children’s uncle) and send him to jail.

Additional activities included panning for gems, pin the pickax on the gold mine, and dancing to the western tunes of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Sons of the Pioneers.

Grub included a typical cowboy’s feast of hot dogs, chilli, fried chicken, baked beans, barbecue ribs, trail mix, and pulled pork served on tin plates (aluminum pie plates).   Guests were able to wet their whistle with choices of sangria, iced tea, and sasparilla.

I created a ‘Wanted’ posted of Luca who was found guilty of the crime of getting older.

For the dessert table, I wanted to create the feel of a general store.  We offered old-fashioned candies and sweets including gold nugget gum, taffy, licorice (aptly named cowboy lassos), root beer barrels, butterscotch sticks, and cow tails.  Additional goodies included individual apple cobblers served in mason jars, cookies and of course cake created by the extremely talented Elyse of By Little Hands.

We finished off the desserts with a S’mores bar which was unquestionably the hit of the party with the adults!

Before the guests saddled up on their horses to head home, they received favors of barbecue sauce and the children, muslin sacks filled with old-fashioned toys.

It was indeed a Roarin’, Rootin’ Tootin’ Down Home Good Time!

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7 Responses to “{Real Parties} Rootin’ Tootin’ Birthday Roundup”

  1. Debbie Seals says:

    Yessiree, it was the rootin tootinest party I had ever been to! Really felt like I was in a western town.
    The kids had a blast playing robbing the bank and the “sheriff” catching the bad guys.
    The food was good too!
    YEE HAW!

  2. FABULOUS!!!! The cookies are to die for and how clever to use Sterno to roast marshmallows with!!

  3. Elyse says:

    Amazing, as usual!!!! Your creativity and attention to detail just amazes me!

  4. HOW FUN!!! I love this party! LOVE how you roasted marshmallows!! I’ll definitely be keeping that in mind for future use. :)

  5. adriana says:

    lovely!! where did you find the stick horses??

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  7. Excellent work once again! I am looking forward for more updates;)

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