{Real Parties} Easter Egg Hunt

The snow has FINALLY melted from the last bit of grass at my house and with the milder temperatures, dare I say that spring may be on its way?  The wind gusts certainly are roaring like a lion on this 1st day of March, and I am anxiously waiting for the spring weather to arrive.

If any of my readers know my children, you know that they have their next 5 birthday party themes already chosen (must be an occupational hazard resulting from mom being an event planner!)  So it should come as no surprise that we are already planning our Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Stay tuned for a sneak peak of invitations and an inspiration board later this month!

I thought I would share last year’s egg hunt, in light of this coming-soon-spring-weather (can you tell I really am ready for spring?).

I created boxed invitations featured a faux grass liner which the invitation sat upon.  Since the egg hunt had a small guest list, most of the invitations were hand delivered and sealed with pretty purple ribbon and a label.  The few that needed to be mailed required a wraparound mailing label as the USPS Postal Service would have frowned upon the ribbon.

The weather was beautiful, much to my delight!  I set up a long children’s sized table complete with children’s sized white ballroom chairs.  For the 2 weeks approaching the party, I was growing trays and egg cups filled with wheat grass which I used on the table.  I kept the party simple with a craft and bean bag toss game while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Then it was onto the hunt!  Each child was given a basket and were on the search for the eggs the Easter bunny left for them.  There were over 150 eggs for 12 children to find and sure enough in July my children would still find one here or there!

Afterwards, the children played egg on a spoon.  I found painted wooden eggs so there was no worry of breaking eggs and making messes.  This age group was 2 – 4 1/2 years in age, so an older age range of children would be able to handle real eggs to make it more challenging for them.  For this group is was the perfect game of concentration, fine and gross motor skills.

I choose not to serve lunch as the party started after 1 o’clock and instead, opted for fruit, vegetables and dips, and an assortment of sweets featuring Bakerella‘s chick cake pops, birds’ nest cupcakes, and dirt served in a (lined) gardening pot.

In addition to the treats they collected during the egg hunt, every child was given a felt bag with seeds and a small pot to grow their own vegetable plant or flower.

Belleza e Luce has  some openings for Easter Egg Parties in April still available if you have not already scheduled yours.  Contact us today!

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