{Real Parties} Cibella’s Make it Pink, no Blue Sleeping Beauty Birthday

Eight months after Cibella’s party, I am finally posting her party pictures.  I was seriously considering waiting until September in anticipation of her next party, but I decided to share now!

My daughter loves all things Aurora.  She is hands-down her favorite princess, so much so that the castle in Disney World does not belong to Cinderella, but Aurora (sorry, Cindy!).  The beautiful horse with the golden bow on Cinderella’s carousel is also Aurora’s.  Needless to say, there was no question what the theme of her 3rd birthday party would be!

When I began planning her party, I grabbed a fresh notebook to jot all my ideas down, as I do for every event, and realized that the family has many more boys than girls so I needed to create activities that would appeal to both without the boys cringing at the fact that they were attending a princess party.

Without further adieu …

The kids would be able to make a craft – either a princess crown or coach frame to decorate or a knights’ frame.  Here is all the supplies as I was setting up.  I was able to get the knight’s craft on clearance at AC Moore!

Aurora’s friends, Fauna, Flora, and Merryweather were able to fly over for the festivities!

There were 2 main activities I planned in addition to the craft station.  For the boys, they would be transformed into knights complete with sword and shield and set out to slay the dragon!

Upon being knighted, the boys were thrilled to practice their jousting techniques.

My son, Luca, getting some expert tips from his uncle.

A very good sport, who volunteered to be the dragon.

For the girls, I created a pretty in pink princess transformation beauty area.  Each girl received a pink tutu to wear and keep.  They were then able to select necklaces, rings, and bracelets, have their nails painted and put on child-friendly make-up.  Each was given their own lipgloss to keep and place in a pink satin purse.  In the final area, they could choose from a selection of boas and were crowned an official princess with a tiara.

Even the littlest princess needs a tiara!

The birthday girl

Each child was given a royal goblet to drink from.

Long story behind the cake.  I have always made my children’s cakes for each of their parties, and I had a fabulous idea for this cake in particular.  I made the crown 2 weeks ahead of the party out of gumpaste, and a spare in case of breakage.  The crown turned out great, the problem was the cake.  The night before the party I was decorating it and it was almost complete when I dropped it on the kitchen floor.  Yes, you read that right!  Dropped.  Smashed.  Garbage!  The only backup cake I could get at such short notice was from the supermarket the morning of the party.  My daughter’s request was for a chocolate cake – this was the only chocolate sheet cake available.  See how the pink and blue flowers match the pink and blue changing of Sleeping Beauty’s gown in the movie and is a play on Briar Rose (ok, well not really – it was pure luck but my daughter bought the idea and I’m sticking to it!)

Everyone was given a fairy cookie wand as a favor with a tiara shaped thank  you tag.

The female tween crowd also received this package of bath and beauty supplies with frog prince bath gel, glass slipper bath fizzes, and a loofah sponge.

By the end of the day, my birthday girl was wiped out!  My sister captured this on her phone.

My Sleeping Beauty

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  2. Charlene says:

    those swords & shields were so cool! how did you make them? my little 3 year old also loves Aurora but there are a lot of boys in our family too. Thanks!

  3. Belleza e Luce says:

    I didn’t make them. I purchased them from The Disney Store when the Sleeping Beauty movie was released, it was right after her 2nd birthday before I knew it was even going to be her 3rd birthday’s theme.

  4. Belleza e Luce says:

    I created the crown favor tags. Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing them. Glad you liked the party!

  5. Pilar says:

    Hi your party was a great idea for my daughters 5th birthday coming up were did you get the cups ?

  6. Pilar says:

    Yes I’m interested in the crown tags how can I get them from you

  7. Pilar says:

    We’re did you get the tutus from ? I need about 10

  8. Kristin Brown says:

    Hi, love the party! I was wondering how much you would sell the crown tag’s on the favor’s for? My daughter specifically wants an Aurora “Sleeping Beauty” Party and those are so so cute! Thanks!

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