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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Jolly Holiday Birthday Invitations

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Things are coming together nicely for Cibella’s upcoming birthday.  I am receiving boxes of party supplies, favors, and decor almost daily and my dining room table has become party central.  The UPS man knows well, knocking on the door saying, “More Poppins supplies!”

As promised, I wanted to share the invitations I designed for the party.

Back when Cibella decided on the party concept, I immediately thought of a carousel horse.  I had a horse designed to resemble her absolute favorite carousel horse (Cinderella’s horse in Disney World, but according to Cibella  – the horse belongs to Aurora!) and the carousel horse in Disneyland dedicated to Mary Poppins.

My daughter and I decided to use lavender as the primary color for the party (a nod to Mary’s carousel horse in the movie) with pinks and blues as accent colors.

I created a 2 layer pochette invitation.  A rounded square seal featuring a silhouette of Mary flying keeps the invitation closed.  I used the wrap around mailing label again, and designed it to feature memorable icons and images based on the movie – a spoonful of sugar, a penguin waiter, Mary’s boots, and the carousel horse.

I think they turned out ‘practically perfect in every way’ to coin a phrase from Mary herself!