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{Real Parties} It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Superhero Birthday!

Friday, January 31st, 2014

luca superhero-33a

To continue the countdown to my birthday, I wanted to share with you my son’s 5th birthday celebration.  This party took place on the eve of Superstorm Sandy.  In the days prior to the event, in addition to all the last-minute party prepping, we were busy getting supplies and making storm preparations as well.

The morning of the party, the outer bands of Sandy were already present; heavy bursts of rain and climbing winds made transporting the props and decor a challenge.  We also had a tight time constraint to allow our guests to travel home safely (or to hotels if they had been evacuated) and make any last minute storm preparations.

As Luca’s guests arrived, everyone was invited to transform into a superhero.  Each child receive a mask and cape we crafted from felt (Bonus! No sew!)

luca superhero-78

luca superhero-75The superhero transformations took place in a telephone booth, of course!

luca superhero-66

I served quick and easy foods, such as veggies & dip, pizza, and sub sandwiches.

luca superhero-72


luca superhero-58

luca superhero-61

I had a few structured games planned, but the boys were primarily concerned in defending the planet from the wrath of the evil imaginary villains, and had a fabulous time in their role-playing.  The mention of, “Cake!” miraculously placed the villains into a frozen fortress so the little superheroes in training could take a well-deserved sugar break!

A faux brick wall backdrop with the Incredible Hulk’s hands “punching” through was the main focal point of the room.  This just might be my favorite children’s backdrop I’ve created yet!

luca superhero-3

The cake was incredible, as usual and created by the ever-talented Elyse of Joy & Cake.

luca superhero-5

luca superhero-8

luca superhero-13luca superhero-21

Another piece of customized decor we created was a painting of a city skyline complete with a superhero callout – Luca’s initial ‘L’.

luca superhero-35

I found the reusable superhero totes and other themed goodies at Michael’s in the $1 bin back in August.  I bought more than I needed to be sure I had enough.  Sure enough, when the party rolled around, no tote bags and other themed goodies could be found!

For the adults, Michael’s also had magnetic superhero notepads.  They were a huge hit!  Who doesn’t need a notepad for jotting down messages or grocery lists?  We placed a cute sign next to notepads to encourage the adults to take one home.

luca superhero-42

luca superhero-48

It was a “super” fun party, and I think my little superhero had a fabulous time!

luca superhero-182

Hosting your own superhero party? Visit Belleza e Luce or contact me for details on purchasing our superhero designs and decor!

Enjoy the weekend!

Danielle Belleza e Luce